About ASDA

The Arizona Solar Deployment Alliance (ASDA) will be a nonprofit, statewide 501(c)(6) created in 2013 by the principals of five Arizona-grown solar energy companies. Our mission is to ensure consumers have access to accurate, reliable information on issues related to solar energy, including those related to changes in public policy, payments from utility companies and other newsworthy and timely events.  Additionally, ASDA will advocate for solar consumers before policymakers and the community at large, acting quickly to ensure misinformation is countered with facts and true data.

While solar energy is not a brand new concept, only recently has it become economically feasible for homeowners to purchase rooftop units that generate power, thanks to innovative investment options and lower equipment costs. Over a period of several years, the investment pays off, providing homeowners with a fair return on their investment. ASDA wants to make sure consumers who go solar get their money’s worth within a reasonable amount of time.


We believe that we must create a stable, secure energy future for our state. In a region with an abundance of sunshine, it only makes sense to transition to solar as a viable energy option for consumers.

ASDA’s founding companies – all of which are comprised of solar experts, engineers, forward thinkers and business people – are:

ASDA stands behind homeowners that choose to invest in clean, renewable solar energy and those who are considering making the move to do so. We are here to answer questions, inform and advocate on your behalf.