Issues & Policy

Solar as an industry is relatively new in Arizona. Before the last 20 years, it was a challenge for the average homeowners to find affordable solar devices to power their homes. That has changed, due to innovative investment options and the reduction of equipment costs, which make it possible for consumers to invest in a “rooftop” solar electric system.

How the Consumer Solar Investment Works

Up front, tax rebates and a variety of financing options make it possible for homeowners to buy and see a return on their investment within 15-20 years, which can be passed on when the home is sold. Once the system is installed, ratepayers generate their own electricity. Any excess is sold back to the utility company, and is then returned to the electric grid for non-solar customers to buy and use.

This buyback system, known as “net metering” is critical to solar customers, as it contributes significantly to their return on investment and their decision to make the purchase.

Any changes in net metering payments or policies have the potential to undermine advances in solar energy consumption and put a grinding halt to growth in Arizona’s solar industry.

What We Do

ASDA closely monitors all matters related to solar energy before the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), the public body that regulates the state’s utility companies, as well as at the state legislature. We will share this information with you, provide you with verifiable data and facts and tell you what you can do to protect your current or future investment in solar.

Our abundance of sun should make Arizona the world’s leader in solar energy production and consumption. ASDA is leading the effort to make that a reality.